Getting Fit In East London

If you ask me, if you want to get fit and in shape, nothing can be better than Yoga! I like Yoga because it it’s not only a great way to stay fit but also helps me relaxing and de-stressing.

yoga-classesIf you live in London you might think that finding a good place for  Yoga courses shouldn’t be a big deal.

But I found this not that easy at all.

I like the smaller quality gyms because it’s there where the folks are still friendly and value their customers. And in recent times it has gotten quite difficult to find some of those smaller gyms here in East London.

The other issue is that not all gyms in the capital are actually offering Yoga classes. So you need to look around a bit until you find one that has them, along with *good* instructors.

And this is the other important thing: Getting Yoga instructors that know their stuff. Many times I had the impression that a studio just hired some part-time students which otherwise didn’t really have an extensive experience with Yoga. They teach you the same stuff you could learn from a book or video. If I visit a Yoga class I want a qualified teacher where I can really learn something, a teacher that is nice, friendly and helpful. And here too you might need to search around for a while until you found a good course with such a teacher.

I found London Fields Fitness the best here for Yoga in London Fields and this is why I highly recommend them.

Golf Breaks in France For Better Health

For most golfers who want to take a golf break abroad, France is among the most popular destinations. There are many reasons for that. Allow me to go over some of the reasons why France is such a popular destination for golfers here in this article.

Golf-holidays-in-franceGolfers from all over Europe and on occasion even from overseas look towards France mainly because of its vast number of world-class golf courses that today nears almost 600.

It is not only this big number of courses in this country but even more so the fact that many of the French courses are listed as belonging to the world’s top 100 courses. In other words, in France, any golfer regardless of their skill level will find a perfect green to play on since a great course will likely not be far away.

In recent times and with the increased popularity of France as the European hotspot for golf breaks, more and more French towns and resorts are accommodating golf enthusiasts who come here for their holidays. Whether it be hotels that can provide the golfer all the luxury he or she needs or the various golf venues and clubs, some of them with multiple courses to choose from, the passionate golfer can find all he could wish for when they are in France.

Aside from being the perfect location for golf breaks, France offers a lot more. On its coastal regions, such as in France’s South West, the vacationer can enjoy a sunny yet moderate and temperate climate. France’s beaches invite for swimming and windsurfing fun and they are likewise perfect if someone simply wants to relax an afternoon with their fantastic ocean views.

France is also renowned for its healthy and balanced cuisine and its variety of great tasting local wines. This means that with golf holidays in France you will be able to combine great golfing with a fantastic culinary experience!

The Secret Singers


With “surprise entertainment” ever so popular as it is today in the UK, we see more and more musicians and performers that specialize in surprise entertainment, more than just a few years ago. If you look around, say, if you want to book someone for your wedding or party, it’s almost a given that those guys can do flash mobs or disguised performances too.

However, the point I’m making here is that not all of those singers and dancers are good.

Let’s be honest, would it be upset if they’d spend good money on entertainment for a one-time big occasion such as a wedding or anniversary just to find out that those guys you just hired are really bad.

There is one way to save yourself from this dilemma and this is if you know about their musical background before you actually booked them.

You would be surprised how many of today’s surprise entertainers are really nothing but students who do this job part-time, a lot of them can barely sing or dance. There are some exceptions however, such as The Singing Waiters from the UK. The original Singing Waiters are different because they all come from a professional background! This makes them very different to your average wedding band. The performances by The Singing Waiters are truly world-class! Of course they can also do “normal”surprise entertainment with the latest hits that everyone knows and loves, but you can best see how professional The Singing Waiters are when they perform at classy events such as corporate events or when they perform classical pieces!

In my opinion it would be rather foolish to accept some sort of compromise when it comes to the musical entertainment for  your wedding or other grand event! Most of the time it’s the musical entertainment that can make and break the entire day. And for those types of events there is no question that you want the best of the best because you sure you want that everyone remembers the event for years to come! And this is why I recommend The Singing Waiters!

E-Cigarettes Really a Healthier Alternative?

Are electronic cigarettes really a healthy alternative to smoking asks the Mirror in a recent article. One reason for the potential danger of electronic cigarettes would be the often unsafe use of the devices especially after some recent highly publicized occurrences where electronic cigarettes exploded and causes injuries and bodily harm. e-cigarette

The other reason given why some are still unsure about the safety of this alternative to smoking would be that the exact effects electronic smoking can have on the body and the lungs in particular is still not well researched.

According to a study on the Boston University, mutations in lung cells have been observed which are according to the study ” strikingly similar as to those from normal smoking”.

Private Schools For A Better, More Successful Life

It is official now: Sending your children to a reputable private or independent school in the United Kingdom is the best way to ensure them a bright future and great career.



Recent studies have confirmed that private education can result in your children getter a better job and much better pay in the future. According to the studies, one reason for this is that privately educated children are more likely to get good exam results and will attend one of the nation’s top universities.

These findings were published by the Social Market Foundation and based on an analysis of the Sutton Trust charity’s proposal. The trust’s goal is to open up access to independent schools to more pupils in the UK, not based on their ability to pay the school fees but rather based on their academic ability.

Among the most startling findings of the study is the fact that young adults between the ages of 26 and 42 who attended private schools will earn around £193,700 more on average as compared to those coming from public education facilities.

Now is the time that you consider your children’s education! Not always are public schools optimal. With a private school, your children can max out their potential for success later on in life. Here you can read more information on private schools in Hertfordshire and surroundings.

South Wales Grass Fires Cost Fire Service £850,000 So Far This Year

The BBC reports that the costs to fight grass fires in south Wales have come to £850,000 this year. The shocking revelation however, according to the article is that 90% of those fires were started deliberately.

Just past week there had been several incidents of fires in Rhondda Cynon Taf adding up to the current number of more than 430 grass fires this year in South Wales.

In peak times, up to 40 grass fires had been seen within only a six days period. South Wales Fire service is now even making use of social media such as facebook hoping to prevent more deliberate fires in the area. Experts say that the damage goes far beyond only burnt grass but that sometimes the entire landscape can be affected by those fires.


Fire Prevention Systems Today

Worldwide, fires cost many human lives as well as billions of British pounds every year. The danger of fires does exist anywhere and this includes residential buildings as well as commercial structures. Modern fire prevention and fire suppression systems can help preventing fires from happening. Allow me to provide a short overview about the more common fire prevention systems that are available today.

Fire-Protection-Systems.2When it comes to residential homes, most will probably know smoke detectors that today are sold pretty much anywhere. Smoke detectors obviously cannot actively help suppressing fires but they are a rather simple and affordable way to alert the residents of homes in case of the outbreak of a fire.

More complex fire prevention systems can be found as well. Some of those fire prevention systems may be passive which means they will alert in case of a fire while other systems can be active fire suppression systems. An example of those systems would be a sprinkler system or any other system that can actively extinguish a fire.

Especially for large buildings such as commercial structures, active and passive fire prevention and suppression systems can work together to form an effective fire prevention system. For example, smoke detectors along with other sensors within a building can be connected together and controlled by using a central control panel. Example for such a system would be the Detectomat that today is widely in use in many commercial structures. The Detectomat consists of individual modules such as automatic smoke detectors along with manual call points that can be used in case of fire.

While fires today still cost many lives along with often significant monetary losses, modern fire prevention and suppression systems like the Detectomat or Ansul kitchen suppression system help prevent countless tragedies each single day.

Less Salt in Manufactured Foods Saves Lives

The Independent reports that the push by food manufacturers to cut down on salt has ‘saved many lives’.

According to the article, up to 40% less deaths resulting from heart disease and strokes are the result of an effort to make foods with less salt in them. Nutritionists compared data on people’s daily intake of salt in the last decade with striking public health figures which show a 40%  decrease in mortality connected with heart disease and stroke over the same time period in Great Britain.

In the time from 2003 to 2011 alone, average salt intake with foods decreased by 15% according to the article.

The senior dietician at the British Heart Foundation,Victoria Taylor,  pointed out that while the reductions observed are certainly a positive change, the nation is still well above the recommended maximumof 6 g of salt intake per day.

The Ansul Kitchen Suppression System

In the United Kingdom, the majority of fires is cooking related. Among the high-risk appliances that are particular prone to causing a fire can be a cookers, broilers or grills that are normally to be found in venues with commercial kitchens. The outbreak of a fire in a commercial kitchen will always pose particular challenges in terms of effective fire suppression. Hot, easily flammable oils and greases along with hot cooking appliances make fire suppression in such venues a challenge.

fire-preventionThe use of traditional fire prevention methods that may include the use of fire extinguishers, fire blankets and similar equipment can be problematic. There are several reasons for that.

For once, this type of equipment can only be used effectively when properly trained persons are present the moment when a fire is detected. Fast and effective kitchen fire suppression will be impossible if a fire breaks out without anyone present or in such cases where people are not trained in the use of such firefighting equipment. In addition to that, injuries are likely.

Because of those reasons and the problems that can come with the above conventional, non-automatic fire suppression methods, automated fire suppression systems such as the Ansul kitchen suppression are far more effective.

How does the Ansul kitchen suppression system work?

This type of fire suppression system comprises of thermal sensors that can automatically detect the outbreak of a fire. In the case of fire, a special flame-extinguishing agent is directed towards the cooking equipment via nozzles. The Ansul fire suppression system is not only able to detect and quickly extinguish fires. It also has the ability to quickly cool off the cooking appliances involved and can cool off hot or burning cooking greases and oils effectively. This is important in order to prevent fire re-flashing.

The Ansul kitchen suppression system is widely used in many commercial venues day.

Who Has the Most Pulluted Air in the UK?

Do you want to know which area in the United Kingdom would be the unhealthiest to live in?

According to a new report in the Guardian, London’s Kensington and Chelsea have the most polluted air in the nation. The report furthermore points out that more than one in 12 of all deaths in the London borough are attributable to tiny particles of soot largely emitted by diesel engines. The borough second on the list in terms of bad pollution and air quality is Westminster.

Air-pollution-LondonThose findings come on the background of a study released by Public Health England which also finds as a reason for those high pollution levels the amount of traffic in those areas.

Although the nation is currently within the EU legal limit for pollution it is being taken to court by the European commission since it is missing targets for another air pollutant, NO2. NO2 is in particular known for causing more health risks since it mixes with other air particles.

British Environment groups called on government to tackle the cause of air pollution deaths. A spokeswoman for the groups “Friends of the Earth” to the press: “It’s outrageous that tens of thousands of people die because of polluted air. Ending this national disgrace should be a top priority for politicians. Ministers and local authorities must develop an urgent action plan to introduce cleaner vehicles and encourage the use of alternative forms of transport – people won’t be able to breathe easily until they do”.