Getting Fit In East London

If you ask me, if you want to get fit and in shape, nothing can be better than Yoga! I like Yoga because it it’s not only a great way to stay fit but also helps me relaxing and de-stressing.

yoga-classesIf you live in London you might think that finding a good place forĀ  Yoga courses shouldn’t be a big deal.

But I found this not that easy at all.

I like the smaller quality gyms because it’s there where the folks are still friendly and value their customers. And in recent times it has gotten quite difficult to find some of those smaller gyms here in East London.

The other issue is that not all gyms in the capital are actually offering Yoga classes. So you need to look around a bit until you find one that has them, along with *good* instructors.

And this is the other important thing: Getting Yoga instructors that know their stuff. Many times I had the impression that a studio just hired some part-time students which otherwise didn’t really have an extensive experience with Yoga. They teach you the same stuff you could learn from a book or video. If I visit a Yoga class I want a qualified teacher where I can really learn something, a teacher that is nice, friendly and helpful. And here too you might need to search around for a while until you found a good course with such a teacher.

I found London Fields Fitness the best here for Yoga in London Fields and this is why I highly recommend them.