Private Schools For A Better, More Successful Life

It is official now: Sending your children to a reputable private or independent school in the United Kingdom is the best way to ensure them a bright future and great career.



Recent studies have confirmed that private education can result in your children getter a better job and much better pay in the future. According to the studies, one reason for this is that privately educated children are more likely to get good exam results and will attend one of the nation’s top universities.

These findings were published by the Social Market Foundation and based on an analysis of the Sutton Trust charity’s proposal. The trust’s goal is to open up access to independent schools to more pupils in the UK, not based on their ability to pay the school fees but rather based on their academic ability.

Among the most startling findings of the study is the fact that young adults between the ages of 26 and 42 who attended private schools will earn around £193,700 more on average as compared to those coming from public education facilities.

Now is the time that you consider your children’s education! Not always are public schools optimal. With a private school, your children can max out their potential for success later on in life. Here you can read more information on private schools in Hertfordshire and surroundings.