The Secret Singers


With “surprise entertainment” ever so popular as it is today in the UK, we see more and more musicians and performers that specialize in surprise entertainment, more than just a few years ago. If you look around, say, if you want to book someone for your wedding or party, it’s almost a given that those guys can do flash mobs or disguised performances too.

However, the point I’m making here is that not all of those singers and dancers are good.

Let’s be honest, would it be upset if they’d spend good money on entertainment for a one-time big occasion such as a wedding or anniversary just to find out that those guys you just hired are really bad.

There is one way to save yourself from this dilemma and this is if you know about their musical background before you actually booked them.

You would be surprised how many of today’s surprise entertainers are really nothing but students who do this job part-time, a lot of them can barely sing or dance. There are some exceptions however, such as The Singing Waiters from the UK. The original Singing Waiters are different because they all come from a professional background! This makes them very different to your average wedding band. The performances by The Singing Waiters are truly world-class! Of course they can also do “normal”surprise entertainment with the latest hits that everyone knows and loves, but you can best see how professional The Singing Waiters are when they perform at classy events such as corporate events or when they perform classical pieces!

In my opinion it would be rather foolish to accept some sort of compromise when it comes to the musical entertainment forĀ  your wedding or other grand event! Most of the time it’s the musical entertainment that can make and break the entire day. And for those types of events there is no question that you want the best of the best because you sure you want that everyone remembers the event for years to come! And this is why I recommend The Singing Waiters!